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Surface finishing equipment and process technology

BV Products has been perfecting its unique all cast polyurethane vibratory finishing machines for almost 40 years to make them the most innovative and most cost-effective surface finishing solution available.  The BV Products range is still manufactured right here in Australia, operating from a modern purpose built factory in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. BV stocks and produces to order a comprehensive range of equipment and materials for achieving the perfect surfaces- as well as maintaining an extensive demonstration and job shop facility for many different types of applications.

 Not only do BV Products offer high quality mass finishing products but also a fully documented process report sheet with each machine – established by our free trials work- saving our customers time, money and assuring them the best possible solution and results.


Affordable & Reliable

The use of only top-quality materials and components throughout ensures trouble-free operation and a long service life.


5 Year Warranty

Each model of machine comes with an extended warranty on bowl and base not matched by any other mass finishing company worldwide.


Customer Support

All purchased equipment comes with the guarantee of ongoing technical support and process methodology.


Extremely Cost Effective

Comparatively low capital investment and a high potential for cost savings make the auto-unload series excellent value for money.


Optional Extras Available

Both series of equipment comes with a variety of cost effective accessories including chemical/water dosing systems and sound/splash lids.


Made in Australia

Guarantees a product that is made to the highest acceptable standards found in high end European and North American equipment

Mass finishing is amongst the most widely used finishing processes in modern manufacturing, in applications from deburring to edge radiussing and polishing. Processing objectives are varied, ranging from the cosmetic to the functionally critical.

General Engineering

Mass finishing is used extensively in general engineering in areas such as metal pressing and forming, laser and profile cutting, a wide variety of machining processes, and in all forms of parts casting – particularly in the die and gravity casting industries where mass finishing is often used to produce the basis for decorative finishes.


With the relatively recent introduction of a variety of chemically accelerated finishing processes like Isotropic Surface Finishing and Polishing, mass finishing is now used extensively to structural enhance and visually improve and most of all improve performance and longevity of virtually all gear train and engine components.


The aircraft industry was an earlier adopter of mass finishing processes both for engine and airframe components. Used extensively in turbine and blade refinement mass finishing has led to huge saving in fuel expenditures as well as enabling the accurate finishing of machined high duty alloy components.



The Jewellery industry has always relied heavily on the mass finishing processes and in recent years this has been expanded due to the introduction of new and specialised equipment such as high energy centrifugal disc machines and high speed barrel equipment.

Surgical and Dental equipment Manufacture and 3D printing

The increased demand for both high value surgical and dental implants has led to the development of whole new range of equipment, materials and mass finishing processes Whilst 3D is a relatively new development the demand for smoothing of rough surfaces that are a bi-product of the technology it has opened up a whole new field for mass finishing adoption – especially in the high energy machines where both rapid metal removal and highly decorative finishes are needed.

BV Products - Mass finishing vibratory bowl machine manufacturers Australia

Mass finish vibratory bowl machines

BV Products manufacture and produce mass finishing vibratory bowl machines right here in Australia, operating from a modern purpose built factory in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

BV Products specialise in

  • Mass finish machines
  • Vibratory bowl machines
  • Metal polishing machines
  • Batch machines
  • De-burring machines
  • Mass finish machine polishing media
  • Plastic media
  • Ceramic media
  • Porcelain media.

Recent Developments

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Clients Testimonials

  • BV Products have been providing us with quality materials for many years now. Mark and the team work hard to ensure our needs are met and have saved us many times when we have had urgent orders. Their customer service is of a high standard and they are very responsive
    Dan Freeman Production Manager at Dinosaur Designs
  • I would like to thank BV products for developing a superior solution to a long standing finishing problem we had with some of our tooling. It has enabled us to significantly improve the safety and reduce costs within our operation.
    Robert Fenwick Reliability, Engineering, Manufacturing Services at OneSteel
  • The reduced labour required to run our new machines has allowed us to free up personnel. This has meant that we have seen improvements in our line that have exceeded initial expectation and provide greater capacity for us to take advantage of.
    Keith Royes Process Improvement Engineer at Ronstan International Pty Ltd
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What Makes Us Different

Innovative Engineering

BV Products has developed its own unique range of vibratory finishing equipment not found anywhere else around the world. Our cast polyurethane machines are the most advanced and cost effective mass finishing equipment available on the market.

Exceptional Service

BV Products offers a high level of service and technical support based on almost 40 years of continuous operation in a specialised industry.

Process Technology

BV Products has always been an early adopter of new technologies and with extensive in house processing facilities we are able to develop the most cost efficient methods of improving our customer’s components.

Impressive Results

At BV Products we take great pride in the fact that our customers come back to us time and time again and our equipment and processes have enabled us to become Australia’s largest manufacturer of mass finishing equipment and materials.