Centrifugal Barrel Finishing

The industry standard in fast polishing and deburring

HZ High Energy series Centrifugal Barrel Finishing (CBF) systems from Mass Finishing are the fastest and most economical form of finishing machine available. They are the industry workhorse in polishing, deburring and deflashing parts. From jet engine blades in the aerospace industry to heart valves and medical implants, these tumbling machines are the versatile and money-saving solution for polishing and deburring.

In a matter of minutes this deburr tool can clean up metal, acrylic or rubber parts are finished in what could take hours or even days by hand. The finish achieved by these machines is isotropic, meaning parts are polished uniformly and evenly, something that cannot be achieved by hand. Variable speed control allow these tumbling machines to achieve whatever finish the operator desires, from a simple polish at low speed, to full scale deburring and edge radiusing.

CBF Machines from Mass Finishing vary in size from the compact, table-top HZ-12 to the super-sized HZ-330. Custom barrel sizes and specifications are available upon request. Check out our HZ Series page for the specifications on the individual models. These finishing and deburr tools are built for heavy use with industrial ball bearings and hot poured polyurethane barrel liners that can stand up to wear of running repeated finishing cycles.


Centrifugal Barrel Finishing


HZ High Energy Series

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