Eco mini series

BV Products have aligned with OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH from Germany to offer a range of innovative disc finishing machines for large industrial and small jewellery type applications. 

OTEC's ECO mini-series is unbeatable in terms of cost-effectiveness. This model packs the technology of large industrial disc finishing machines into an amazingly compact format. The patented technology enables the finest granulates to be used, giving a sensational shine comparable to that obtained by manual polishing. In addition, the plastic abrasive medium used prevents any unsightly pitting on the surface of jewellery. A timer makes the machine easy to operate and it works quietly without producing dust.


  • Extremely efficient

    It is the smallest and most cost-effective "finishing center" on the market.

  • For wet finishing

    The ECO mini "wet" is used mainly for very small, zero or prototype series, for removing casting skin or traces of sanding or grinding. This makes the subsequent polishing stage much simpler and much faster.

  • For dry finishing

    The ECO mini "dry" is used mainly for polising tarnished or worn jewelry.

  1. Model Variations
  2. Accessories


Compact wet grinding machine for cleaning and grinding jewelry. Especially suitable for removing casting skin.


  • Dosing pump and waste water container
  • 2.6 kg high-quality plastic abrasive medium
  • 1 l universal compound for all metals


Compact dry polishing machine for polishing tarnished showcase goods and worn jewelry. Sensational polish - as if polished by hand.


  • 1 kg high-quality impregnated walnut shell granulate Type H 1/100 (coarse)
  • 1 kg high-quality impregnated wanut shell granulate Type H 1/500 (fine)
  • 1 tube polishing paste Type P 6 (110 g)
  • Screen scoop


Dry finishing

  • 5 kg H1/100 walnut shell granulate for pre-polishing
  • 5 kg H1/500 walnut shell granulate for fine polishing
  • 1 kg polishing paste P 6
  • 1 scoop
  • 1 ladle


Ring holder

for heavy rings (>6 g).Prevents the rings from colliding with one another.