Disc Finishing

This style of mass-finishing machine has a round chamber with a rotating disc in the bottom. The disc rotates and forces the mass out and up against the stationary chamber wall, where it begins to slow down. The mass slows further as it reaches the top of the load, just before it descends back down the middle toward the spinning disc, where the cycle is repeated.

The constantly varying speeds of media and parts generate excellent surface finishes in cycles that vary in duration between the vibratory machines and the centrifugal barrel. It is also possible to use disc machines for processing flat parts that will stick together in conventional vibratory machines.

These machines can be fully automated but these options are generally costly and should only be considered if the volumes of parts to be finished is large or of high value.

BV Products has designed and built our own range of high energy disc machines for some 35 years at its Melbourne plane but we also have a number of strategic alliances with several of the world’s major manufacturers of surface finishing equipment from Europe, Asia and the US and subsequently we can offer a huge variety of equipment of varying specifications and cost. All of this equipment is of course fully supported by us.


OTEC Series


BV Products - Disc Finishing CF Series

CF Series

The CF series of disc finishing machines can be used for any application that requires a perfect surface finish to be achieved in a very short time for a variety of components such as turning, milling, stamping tools, and jewellery, etc.

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Eco Mini Series

Compact units for cleaning, grinding and polishing jewelry.

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Eco Maxi Series

Magnetic, wet and dry polishing – three different finishing processes packed into a single machine.

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Turbo Series

BV Products have aligned with Erba Ltd Surface Finishing from Turkey to offer the innovative Turbo range of disc finishing machines for large industrial type applications.

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