Parts and Accessories

Massfinish stock a complete range of spare parts and additional accessories for each model of machine, ensuring local supply and fast availability, – be it sound/splash lids, chemical dosing systems, recycle tanks or any kind of fitting, etc. To minimise interruption, parts are either delivered and installed by our own service professionals or can be shipped to our customer’s location overnight.

Compound/Water Dosing System

The CM2-WMF system allows for precise, continuous delivery of mass finishing compound and water to ensure clean, economic use of medias and the best possible surface finishes.

Sound/Splash Lid

The SL range of sound/splash lids ensures low dBA levels during operation and eliminates potential OH & S problems from chemical splashes.

Compound/Water recycle tank

Some applications allow for recycling of chemical and water, saving customers on going costs of chemical consumables. The RCT series are based on triple interceptor & filter sock technology.

Flange Mounted Motor

The Massfinish heavy duty 3 phase flange mount vibratory motors have been designed specifically for our range of bowl machines and provide a compact design and high power outputs.

Variable Speed Drive

Massfinish fit a range of programmable variable speed drives (VSD) as standard. Each drive provides IP65 electrical standards and enables single phase input to the Massfinish motors and machines.

All cast polyurethane base

The unique Massfinish polyurethane base is designed with no steel fabrication allowing re- supply if needed within 24 hours. It's unique rigid design means no bolting down of the machine, no transfer of vibration to the factory floor and is corrosion proof.

Replacement Bowls

Cast in hot cured polyurethane encasing a heavy duty, machined steel fabrication. Replacing a worn bowl is simple and takes about an hour so machine down time is kept to a minimum.

Door & Hinge

The Massfinish auto unload door and hinge system is unique – offering a simple, effective solution to media from parts separation that requires no manual intervention.

Screen frames and inserts

Massfinish stock a range of screen inserts manufactured from precision machined HDPE. Standard aperture sizes range from 6mm-50mm allowing all types of process media to be easily separated from components.


Along with a comprehensive range of dedicated machine parts and accessories, Massfinish also stock, waste water valves, plumbing fittings, electrical components, and indicator labels etc.