Vibratory Finishing

Vibratory Finishing, also known as mass finishing, is a mechanical/chemical process for the deburring, radiusing, smoothing, polishing and degreasing of individual, mass produced parts.

Mass Finishing is the process of parts being submerged in media and compound (specially treated water) within a vibratory finishing machine. The machine vibrates causing the contents to move in a circular motion and the media to grind against the part to get the desired finish.

The Vibratory Finishing process is used for both very small and very large workpieces with either simple or very complex geometries.

Vibratory Bowl Machines

Vibratory finishing equipment often involves costly pre-installation that takes unnecessary time and effort. BV Products has worked to limit these costs by perfecting its innovative vibratory finishing machine range making them the most advanced, cost-effective surface finishing solution available.

Vibratory Trough Machines

Older in design than the round bowl vibrator, the tub or trough type machine is rectangular in shape comparable to a traditional bath tub or horse trough.

Corncob Driers

The result of the previous functions generally results in a wet part. To insure optimum corrosion inhibition the part needs to be dried. This is accomplished in either mass finishing equipment with ground corn cob that is usually augmented by heat or the more conventional style of tunnel and conveyor belt driers using hot air directed onto the traversing parts.