Contract Services

In today’s manufacturing environments where O, H and S practices and environmental issues are placing more and more pressures on local producers it can often make more sense to get someone else to worry about labour, noise levels water consumption and waste water disposal. We at BVP have recognised that not everyone wants the hassles of finishing their own parts so technical centres, strategically located throughout the country, are currently being equipped to provide expert contract finishing services. Many customers utilize these specialized services to handle both regular requirements and overflow even when they have their own equipment and expect quick, convenient and reliable processing of their components — on time, on spec, on budget.

BVP can handle everything from cleaning, de-burring, polishing and isotropic super finishing of all parts, from simple metal pressings to gears, surgical parts and turbine engine components, in a tightly controlled and highly responsive finishing systems to assure you of on-time delivery and agreed upon quality specifications.