CD – Series

The CD series dryer is a steel fabricated rotary dryer which is fitted with heat bands to heat the drying media. The wet components are loaded into the machine continuously, or in batches via the polyurethane loading chute. Wet components travel automatically through the pre-heated drying media around the process chamber and are then separated on a polyurethane coated separation screen.

Vibratory Corn Cob Driers

BV Products has developed its own unique range of corn cob driers for thorough component drying and corrosion prevention. Constructed from heavy duty steel and fitted with an electronic heating element for constant and even heat flow.

Technical Specifications

Bowl:Fabricated in mild steel in the form of an upwards spiral and fitted around the circumference with a stainless-steel heating element nominally rated at 3.0kW or 5kW
Screens:These are supplied in a variety of aperture sizes. Special screens can be made if required.
Motor:Direct, foot-mounted vertically vibration generator motor, housed as an in integral part of the machine. Nominally rated at 2.25W, this specially constructed unit is rated for 220-440V-600V/3ph/50-60Hz supply.
Base:Cast in one piece from a specially formulated polyurethane, the base is non-corrosive and virtually indestructible.
Motor housing:Constructed from fabricated mild steel and fully welded and stress relieved.
Fastenings:All bolts, set screws, and washers, are grade 8.8 high tensile type. All nuts are fitted with plastic anti-vibration inserts.

Bench mark example

The perfect addition to your vibratory finishing machine. The CD series offers complete drying of work pieces to eliminate corrosion concerns and ensure parts are ready for the next production phase


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