Vibratory Finishing

Vibratory finishing equipment often involves costly pre-installation that takes unnecessary time and effort. BV Products has worked to limit these costs by perfecting its innovative vibratory finishing machine range making them the most advanced, cost-effective surface finishing solution available.

The unique features of the BV Products vibratory finishers is that their reduced weight & rigid design provides much faster finishing than machines produced by outdated, more traditional methods and the heavy duty vibratory motors fitted in our machines can be operated from single phase mains means via the variable speed controller. Simply add water and compound, and start surface finishing.

Vibratory Bowl Machines

BV Products has developed its own unique range of vibratory finishing equipment not found anywhere else around the world. Our cast polyurethane machines are the most advanced and cost effective mass finishing equipment available on the market.
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B – Series

Designed for hand loading/ unloading. This type of machine is especially suited for de-burring larger parts and also delicate polishing processes such as those found in our ISFP technology.
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DR – Series

The unique “DR” machines include our advanced separation system. There is no need for “gate clearing” found in other brands.

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Vibratory Trough Machines

Older in design than the rotary vibrator, the tub or trough type machine is rectangular in shape constructed out of a heavy duty steel fabrication. The primary difference between the bowl and tub is that these days’ tubs are generally dedicated to low volume production, large parts finishing.
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VT – Series

Our extensive “VT” range trough machines are constructed and designed for extreme, heavy duty use and comprise a rigid metal tub which is lined with “hot poured” polyurethane.
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The VT7-SF dedicated SUPERFINISHING vibratory machine is an in-line trough/tub unit designed specifically for the CASF
(Chemically Accelerated Super Finishing) of high-performance engine and gear train components to low micron finishes.

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Corncob Dryers

BV Products range of corncob driers are the perfect addition to your all cast polyurethane finishing machine. These units ensure complete drying of parts which in turn eliminates any corrosion concerns.
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CD – Series

The CD series dryer is a steel fabricated rotary dryer which is fitted with heat bands to heat the drying media. The wet components are loaded into the machine continuously, or in batches via the polyurethane loading chute. Wet components travel automatically through the pre-heated drying media around the process chamber and are then separated on a polyurethane coated separation screen.
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HD – Series

BV Products has designed a new range of cost effective vibratory corn cob driers. The new HD series dryer is an all cast polyurethane batch machine fitted with an industrial single phase hot air drier. The wet components are loaded into the machine by hand and travel automatically through the pre-heated drying media around the process chamber. When dry the components can then be easily unloaded by hand into containers ready for supply.
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Mobile Vibe

The newest addition to our vibratory range. The MV1 mobile vibe offers the perfect solution to that small workshop or large machine shop with limited space.
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Meet the mobile vibe below
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A centreless vibratory finishing system dedicated to producing highly reflective mirror finishes on automotive wheels. Easy operation and quick media change capabilities help produce consistent and repeatable finishing with minimal manual input.
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