Here at BV Products we pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our customers. In addition to our range of mass finishing equipment and consumables we have set up an extensive jobbing facility to support ongoing services.

Test Lab

Job Shop

Customer Support

Process Development

In mass finishing everything begins with selecting the correct process and in this regard we work backwards by first providing a solution which then dictates the correct equipment and materials. In an effort to select the correct type and size of machine and to establish the process parameters for achieving a particular result on the customer’s part we operate a large demonstration facility with some 18 machines of varying types and sizes.

Contract Services

BVP can handle everything from cleaning, de-burring, polishing and isotropic super finishing of all parts, from simple metal pressings to gears, surgical parts and turbine engine components, in a tightly controlled and highly responsive finishing systems to assure you of on-time delivery and agreed upon quality specifications.

Technical Support

BV Products is not simply a manufacturer of mass finishing equipment. We offer a complete solution to potential customers’ needs through our free developmental process facility. Supported by a range of over 18 different machines and application skills learned over nearly 40 years we work with potential clients to arrive at viable, cost effective outcomes.

Any purchase of BV Products machinery comes complete with a detailed process report and the promise of lifetime of technological and mechanical support.