DLyte is a technological solution that simplifies and standardizes the post-process of metal parts, improving the finishing results obtained with traditional polishing systems. New production technologies allow the creation of very complex geometries but until now, any post-processing system has matched the desired technical requirements. DLyte allows and ensures that the final finish meets these technical specifications.


The new DLyte Desktop is an ultra-compact system that gathers all the advantages of any other DLyte system currently on the market, and allows any company to access the disruptive dry electropolishing technology.
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Desktop Series

All the features from a DLyte machine, now available in ultra-compact system
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Compact Series

The DLyte Compact Electropolishing machines
are available in three sizes, DLyte1, DLyte10 and DLyte100, each offering a different container volume according to the size of the workpieces to be treated.
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Compact Series

DLyte provides polishing machines that are categorized into Dental, Healthcare, and Industrial series. Each series are intended for the grinding and polishing of a range of metals, depending on desired requirements.
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The most advanced, powerful and versatile metal surface finishing equipment on the market specially designed for mass production. The new DLytePRO500 provides high quality metal surface finishing better, faster, and more efficiently. The new equipment using DryLyte Technology delivers fully automated high quality surface finishing for high value, delicate or complex work pieces with precise and targeted finishing requirements.
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PRO Series

DLytePRO500- the most advanced dry finishing Machines based on patented DryLyte technology for surface finishing of metal alloys for the industrial industry.
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Features include:

  • Maximum size of part to be processed: 180 Ø x 80mm 
  • Programmable cycle time 
  • Digital interface 
  • Quick and easy change of media 
  • Anti-vibratory support with wheels for easy handling 
  • Low maintenance costs 
  • Low noise emissions thanks to the acoustic insulation system 
  • No dust emission 
  • CE certificate 

Benefits include:

  • Achieves homogeneous results across the surface and eliminates any micro-scratches 
  • Respects the tolerances and preserves the initial shape, even the cutting edges 
  • Achieves an Ra under 0,09 micrometres 
  • Avoids generating grinding texture patterns 
  • Improved resistance to part wear and fracture resistance 
  • Improves the bearing ratio and fatigue resistance 
  • No contamination and no traces of hydrogen on the surface 
  • Controlled costs and predictable lead times


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