PRO Series

The new DLytePRO500 performs high quality metal surface-finishing better, faster and more efficiently with processing times ten times better than current technologies.

​This machine brings the disruptive Dry lyte Technology based on electropolishing using solid media to mass production.

PRO 500

The great versatility and high capacity with multiple work piece holding system and a wide range of material compatibility maximizes return on investment.

Large work piece quantities can be handled as DLytePRO500 is equipped with 8 perimeter spindles for single or multiple work pieces per holder, optimizing capacity and performance.
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1. Quick coupling for easy plug and release of the holders
2. Automatic extraction and cleaning system
3. Multiple movement combinations with a robust design
4. Single and multiple work piece Holders
5. Adaptative independent cathodes
6. Compact footprint and multiple process replacement
7. User-friendly interface with Advanced HMI

Single and multiple work piece Holders

The work piece holders or fixtures containing the work pieces are specially designed to optimize the results based on the piece geometry and finishing requirements. The large versatility of the holding systems ensure capacity optimization for several applications and versatility to use one machine for a wide range of pieces.

Working volumes:

– Up to maximum 500 mm Ø x 250 mm volume part
– Up to maximum 8 holders of 180 mm Ø x 250 mm volume

Wide range of materials

DLyte PRO500 delivers the full range of electrical parameters, from low to high frequency, parameter concatenation and asymmetric voltage.

In addition, it allows the user to search the ideal parameters for its pieces in the library of processes in the Polishing Manager APP.


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