VT – Series

Our extensive “VT” range trough machines are constructed and designed for extreme, heavy duty use and comprise a rigid metal tub which is lined with “hot poured” polyurethane minimally 25mm thick. The tub or trough is mounted on a steel base. Fitted with heavy duty vibratory motors mounted directly to tub, they provide maximum efficiency in de-burring processes. Adjustable OB weights & electronic variable speed control allow for infinite adjustment for all types of processes.

Vibratory Trough Machines

The VT Tub/trough vibratory finishing machine is an in-line arranged system finishing machine. With the installation of dividing plates, the machine can be converted into a series of small machines for processing a wide variety of parts in different medias, at the same time. The tub/trough machine is capable of producing a very rigorous, circular deburring action but can also be finely adjusted by use of the process speed controller to finish more delicate parts. Part loading is manual as is part removal.

Machines can be supplied with optional sound enclosures to reduce operational noise levels.

Technical Specifications

ModelTrough Section (wxdxl mm)
VT2400 x 450 x 500
VT5400 x 400 x 800
VT7400 x 400 x 1000
VT9550 x 550 x 1000
VT10600 x 600 x 700
VT12450 x 450 x 1250
VT15500 x 550 x 1250
VT16 600 x 600 x 1500
VT20750 x 700 x 1475
VT25600 x 650 x 2250

Bench mark example

These units are designed to
allow the finishing of all parts from very long in length to large bulky work pieces that cannot be processed in machinery such as our vibratory bowl machines


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